Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Step by step to make a butterfly from Royal Icing

For all my friends.....Here is step by step to make butterflies on my sun flower cup cakes....
I hope it's usefull for you....

If you are interested You can buy the book "Romantic Cakes" by Peggy Porschen :)

Methods :
1. Rub a very thin layer of vegetable fat over a sheet of cellophane. Lay it on top of the butterfly template and using royal icing, pipie the outline of the wings.
2. When dry, flood the wing centres with blue-coloured runny icing and let dry overnight (I think better more than 12 hours )
3. Once the blue icing is completely dry, decorate the wings with small dots in brown royal icing. Let dry.
4. Fold a piece of cardboard to a V shape to support the wings when sticking them together
5. Pipe a short line of brown royal icing into the fold of the paper.
Lift the wings off the cellophane ( better you pull the cellophane not the wings it very carefully if you want the butterfly safe), stick them into the brown icing.
Pipe the body down the centre of the wing over the original brown icing. Let dry overnight...(I took bellow picture from the book above ) :



Marie said...

The "runny icing" is called Colorflow.

dabblelu said...

do you use normal royal icing to pipe the out line, (with glycerine?)

Deby da Silva said...

Hi dabblelu,I use only icing sugar and white eggs for my royal icing.